Crossover OTP


I enjoy Leon’s pose.

I don’t.

Why? :I

This needs a lot of work. hand, (lack of finger) and body pose is way off. Learn to use noclip in close body interaction. In short you need to practice all of this a lot more. The light is all wrong to, but think about that later when the posing starts to sit right.

^ Basically this.

I am still getting used to making poses since I just got into posing. But when you mean “noclip in close body interaction”, you mean on the ragdolls because I do not know how to noclip anything but myself in gmod.

Also, the Resident Evil models lacked finger posing so there was not much I could do with them as far as finger posing. The most I did with finger posing was with Louis so he could hold the pills, otherwise I was just rushing to get it done so I didn’t bother with Zoey.

And as far as lighting, wasn’t really aiming for perfect lighting, I just wanted to up it up so you could see the faces of the guys in the background better.

Dont post it than.
Nobody likes rushed shit and this IS rushed shit.

You can noclip any ragdolls and most props. Mark out the body parts in question. Often from different angles like up, down the sides and so on. It depends. This way Zoeys hands can hold the other model. not just have her arms slung loosely around it. And here the finger posing comes in to make it even better. Zoeys fingers can actually grab those buttocks:)

You see the point. And most important. Zoey and the other models are close to the camera. They are the ones you need to pay most attention to.

Thanks for the advice, bro.

Just one thing, is the noclip on ragdolls and props a console command or do I need a tool?


Under Tools/Construction you find “No collide”. That’s the one. Experiment with it. You soon grasp how it works.

Alright thanks man. I’ve had a lot of trouble with ragdolls and props not working together so this will be a great help to improving my poses.

Dont worry! Nobody is born pro, just keep practicing, and when you think you have achieved something post it here so we can see it.

Also dont use GM_construct, get some nice custom maps to pose.

Lol’d when I noticed it was Claire, l4d flash I saw a long time ago called Zoey Claire. Like Santz said. Keep workin on it, If you have non-fingerposable models, find something that fits or hide it.