Crosssbow Bolts

I’m trying to make a SWEP that fires crossbow bolts (the red-hot-rebar). Nowhere in FP is there any info about this, and nowhere on can I find a SWEP that fires the bolts (stupid people make crossbow SWEPs, I open up their code to find they shoot bullets).

Through “host_timescale 0.05” and carefule aiming I’ve been able to find out that the bolt entity that the crossbow fires is called “crossbow_bolt” and I’ve been able to make my SWEP shoot these, and they bounce and drop and do everything you’d expect them to do :smiley:

Problem is, they do NO damage when they hit a player or NPC. I get the feeling there’s some KeyValue I need to set to make them do damage, but crossbow_bolts are COMPLETELY undocumented (yes I checked ValDevWiki). Does anyone know the KeyValue I need to set or does anyone know how I could use the console or something to find out what KeyValues the bolt has?

Or, does anyone know where in my game I can find the crossbow’s source code? I’ve looked everywhere.

You should check GMDM, the crossbow in it is nice.


Use that on a bolt fired from the standard crossbow and then from your crossbow and simply check for any differences.