Crossways teaser(30 minute machinima)

An half an hour machinima what is pretty much taco n bananas group effort(most of the actors are from TNB community)

It takes an year before TNB events. Combine is launching the first major attack on the resistance camps. They evacuate the loyalists and give most of them an position in CCA. Meanwhile COTA tests out their headcrab canisters for first time. They suceed and they use them against the outland camps. They bomb the outland camps, some managed to survive the attack. Some were killed. A few fugees in canals saw helicopters headed to sweep the outland camps. They reported it in, so the sweeps they did were not sucessful. Because resistance evacuated. At same time, combine did an full attack/raid on the main resistance camps. Most of the people got captured. Survivors of the other attacks decide to go after them.


That trailer is really well done.

Good job!

Looks pretty good.

a few technical issues, yet it looks great

Thanks for great feedback. Also, yeah. I am aware of the issues the teaser has.

This ought to be good. Looked really nice. Good job.

Nice Job! cant wait!

Eh. It looks okay. I would get some moving camera tools (Catmull-Rom preferrably) to give it more of a professional feel. The voice acting sounds shoddy as well. It’s 30 minutes, so I give you credit (and lots of it) for the effort, and the editing was decent, but work on technicals. Good work!

damn dude, looks like pure awesome. Hope you make it, with little problems along the way, because There is always room for an awesome well constructed, written machinima

I am using the Catmull-Rom cameras.

You did, but it was a bit infrequent. You used a lot of walkign around in Camera Mode