Crow playermodel

Hello all,

I tried to fixup the crow NPC model to be fully function as playermodel, but I haven’t take any step in the right position.

I don’t want to use the PillPack or something since that is too much for the script I’m putting it in.

Can anyone put me in the right direction?


well they’ve done it to a dog model before but I have no idea how you’d do it with a crow…

You can’t really do that the proper way ( ie just a model ) because the crow has a VERY different skeleton compared to a human.

You could just use PAC and have the entity set to the crow model and then use holdtypes. Use this reference to apply it to players. Just make sure you disable the editor and PAC wearing so you don’t have people using their autoloads and the editor.

I haven’t played around very much with the source playermodel framework, but couldn’t you just build some basic sequences and rename them to the playermodel equivalente without actually using the m_anm.mdl etc. file?

You in fact can, at least theoretically, but there’s way too many animations to replicate.

Well, is it possible to just make sure to do the walking, flying and that sort of animations which are built in the crow?

Why not just use the crow model as playermodel directly? You can control which anims to display via hooks ( base/gamemode/animations.lua ).

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You could recompile and add the animations and transitions and poseparameters and whatnot, but you will have to do ALL of that from scratch.

I have a look at the animations, from there on it will definitely work!

Thanks for all the help!