Crowbar Compile Issue. Files get deleted?!

Hey there. I have a weird problem:

After Compiling with crowbar the log looks fine but the files get removed seconds after they got created?
It worked perfectly fine just a few hours ago

Anyone had this before?

It seems like an app besides Crowbar is moving the files while the compile is running. After the compile is done, Crowbar deletes any files in the output folder with the same names as the compiled files and then it moves the compiled files to the output folder. If the files have already been moved, this would of course present the issue you’ve shown.

As a workaround you can: 1. use a different output folder that is not monitored by another app or 2. prevent that other app from moving the compiled files.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

By the way, posting this as a bug report on the Crowbar steam group would have allowed me to see this problem sooner.

[Edit: Removed option “3. wait for me to release an updated Crowbar that either moves and replaces files in one command or does not delete files if the compiled files do not exist in the expected source folder.” Removed because Crowbar does reasonable checks for deleting and moving files. There isn’t anything else it can do. Windows says the files exist in the source folder, so Crowbar moves them. I do not know why they would not show up, unless Windows is not refreshing the folder window properly or the other app that is automatically moving the files is doing something else.]

My suggestion would be that either the folder is locked and won’t allow files to be stored. Or a 3rd party addon is effecting it.

For me I had an issue simular to this when I moved a game from my steam common folders to my D:// root. no updates would go to the new location.

A third option I would suggest is use this program (Search Everything).

and see if pale_window.mdl shows up anywhere else on your PC

Remove checkbox on Output Folder.

Thanks for the responses. It is Google Drive messing with the files or the symbolic link I set up with the css folder structure. Setting the Output to any other folder works just fine.

Thanks that works perfectly :slight_smile: