crowbar.exe set up

Hi can I get some help on how to set up crowbar.exe it’s a program for compiling 3d models.

Double-click on it and you’re good to go!

Ha but no I mean how do I set it up to use I can’t find any tutorials.

As it currently stands, Crowbar automatically assumes that everything is on the C:\ drive and located within specific directories. Unless you’ve installed Steam into a different directory (thus also installing the games to a different directory as they normally default to where Steam is located when being installed), everything should be good to go. If the games happen to be in a different location, you can change where the program finds both its required tools for compiling and the gameinfo.txt file it requires for specific games when compiling by going into the Compiler tab, choosing a game from the drop down list, and then clicking the Set Up Games button and changing the directories it’s looking in for the tools and gameinfo.txt file.

ok can you go into a bit more detail sorry I’m a noob at this.

I’ll just provide some image examples of what I stated before.