crowbar not finding bones when i compile

hello. this is driving me crazy i cant find a fix for it.
so im trying to make a view model. i import the gmod hands pose it and export as smd. when i try to compile it, only the bone in the cube mesh in detected with $definebone. i reopened the smd i exported and the bones are in there with the cube and everything is weightpainted to the bone

i click the cube and shift+click the bones and export them and it works but when i compile it in crowbar it only finds the bone weight painted to the cube and the bones parented to that bone

the cube has a bone the bone is attached to the r_hand bone. when i compile. only the bones from the r_hand and back get compiled “$definebone” and not the fingers?

does any one know how to make it work or define all the bones. i missed a step or left something out i have spent hours and hours working on this and nothing i do helps. some one please help

Wrong section m8