Crowbar: Recompiled models disappear from directory?

So, I’m trying to recompile some tf2 models so they will work in SFM.

The only problem with that is the fact that for no real reason, my models disappear.

I watched them compile into their folders, and seconds later, just stop existing.

Did I miss something?

Do you have the latest version of Crowbar? The latest right now is 0.29
Secondly, is there anything in the compile log that seems out of place?
Lastly, are you running Crowbar and the appropriate STUDIO MDL as Admin? Things usually work smoother when run as Admin

Yeah, I updated my crowbar, the compile logs don’t throw up any errors that aren’t strange to me, and I’ve tried running it in admin a few times now.

You can’t disable “custom output” in last version. If it’s empty, compiled model moves to .qc destination.

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Oh, it’s 0.29. I still use 0.27, time to update.

Running Crowbar 0.29 here as well, untick the checkbox next to Output Folder in the Compile tab. :v: