Crowbar skin in pointshop

So i dowloaded a minecraft diamond sword and i want it in the pointshop. I used this code and i can see the picture in the pointshop but when i equip it my crowbar dissapears and i dont even have anything in slot 1. This is my code

What gamemode is this for? If for TTT, create a TTT weapon entity in gamemodes/terrortown/entities/weapons then call on that. You should be able to have it work then.

yea its for TTT, how do i crate an entity? Sorry i really dont know how

the weapon isn’t made for TTT

Copy/paste the crowbar folder, rename it change the model/view to the pickaxe and there you go

It’ll take you, like, two seconds tops

where’s the crowbar folder?

In the file path I posted…

its weapon_zm_improvised right? cus theres no crowbar folder

I did this too just copy paste default crowbar code make new folder name it whatever you want and change model / sounds / attack speed in your shared.lua

Then later you will run into problem where spectators also get melee they are equiped good luck with that. (Yes they will be able to damage others while spectating)

Instead of asking, you easily could’ve just opened up the folder and checked…