Crowbar Skin

I’ve done many searching and I cant figure this out, my Crowbar skin is in a weird shape and has black and purple squares on it. I’ve searched around in the Materials/Models/Weapons folder and I have a v_crowbar folder and it has a blue re-skin in it. I’ve tried many things and I would appreciate some help.

Do you have any Half-Life 2 games at all?

The games i have are: Battefield: Bad Company 2, Counter-Strike Source, Day of Defeat: Source, Garry’s Mod, GTA: San Andreas, Half-Life 2; Deathmatch; Episode 1; Episode 2; Lost Coast. Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, Portal 1 & 2, Serious Sam HD First and Second Encounter, Super Meat Boy, TF2, Terraria.

Btw here is a picture of it:

Have you tried re-downloading Garry’s Mod and running it with no add-ons? It might be either a server-downloaded add-on that’s over-riding it, or something you downloaded.

Excuse my ignorance, but why does the model look so fucked?

How would i answer that question, I posted this on here to try and fix this and not be asked “HEY WHY IS DA TINGY BROKE”. Please help and not act dumb.

Well if the model was replaced it may be looking for a texture that is not there, when you compile a model you write a QC file and add it to the other bits before you compile it. I was trying to be helpful, and assess whether or not it was possible for you to have overwritten the original model, but you jumped to conclusions instead of answering a simple question, like an ass-hole. but you could decompile the HL2 GCF and copy the model for the crowbar back into the garrymod folder. However if it hasn’t been overwritten this will do nothing, it wont hurt though. Then apply your skin.

Yeah hi but i already new that it looked weird you didnt have to point out the obvious, ANYWAYS… the messed up skin/model plays on every server that doesnt have its own server skin for it. like a “sv_scriptenforcer 1” (which should not load any addons/skins/models) it still showed up like this.

Script enforcer only will check for client-side variations in scripts, not skins and such, it’s all run determined from the global AddCSLuaFile (which can only control lua codes) and it will kick you if a variation between client and server scripts occur. But cannot and doesn’t check for skin or model variation. It prevents things like radar, aimbots, wallhacks, and custom HUDs, just third party scripts in general. And I believe skins don’t work server-side unless added to the resource file in a gamemode. And I did more than point out that the crowbar looked different, I asked if you knew why, there are a lot of idiots who ask for help and don’t give all their information, so I might have been of assistance if I knew whether or not you had installed a model replacement. You didn’t even give the information you supposed to stated in the rules of the forum. (Read up It tends to be best to assume the person you are dealing with knows nothing about the topic they are having troubles with. You appear to be at-least one step above the average idiot, But I’d do what what basically Steve said, I’d remove the addons but don’t reinstall, then see if that fixes it, If it does you can add your addons back in one by one util it happens again and then you’ll know which one causes it, if that fails then reinstall Gmod.

It looks like a vuvuzella…

Were you on any servers with a vuvuzella swep?