Crowbar [Source Engine Modding Tool]

Decompile and Compile Source Engine Models in a Nice Interface

Crowbar is a tool that decompiles source engine models (such as those in Counter-Strike Source, Garry’s Mod, Half-Life 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Portal 2, Source Filmmaker, and Team Fortress 2) and provides a convenient interface to Valve’s model compiler.

Crowbar is intended to be a replacement for the famous MDL Decompiler made by Cannonfodder. MDL Decompiler has not been updated for many years and can’t fully decompile the latest model versions used in source engine games. Crowbar is being developed to handle these later versions.

Join the official Crowbar steam group, where you can report bugs, request features, get help, and get updates on Crowbar:
Crowbar [Source Engine Modding Tool]

Download Crowbar from the group’s main page; no need to join for that.

(I figured it would be best to officially announce this tool on this forum, instead of leaving the mention of it to random posts in various topics. Having an official topic might help people learn about it and keep updated on it more easily.)


I was using Crowbar and reporting bugs since a long time now.

With this tool i was able to decompile L4D2’s face flexes flawlessly. It’s much easier to handle than any other decompiler i had.
It can decompile a model with a decompile log, and it can recompile the model while keeping the compile log.

I am also using a version which is still in development, with this i was able to correctly decompile the L4D2 pistol animations and actually use them for a compile.

I heard of it a few days ago, and I used GUI StudioMDL before. Crowbar is less moody, also it’s decompiling possibilities are greater than MDLDecompiler’s.

Thanks. Crowbar’s worth the weight, if you ask me.

images please

Crowbar is great glad to see its finally making a public appearance

For those who are waiting for a new update here´s a bulletin from a week ago

Animations and Source Code Coming Soon

Version 0.19 released with source code.


Fucking awesome. Great to see working animation support!

So, being a newbie porter and to make this clear here, the Crowbar tool is supposed to help in compiling model files into Source games like Garry’s Mod, and give us a better way to get new content like models, body-groups, and props into said games? Can this thing also work with unrigged obj. files too?

no. it just compiles a qc and decompiles already existing source models. You still need to do everything else yourself. Basically an updated version of StudioMDL