Crowbar V and W models?


Never mind, Found in

do you have legal or non-steam hl2?

if you have legal steam hl2, get GCFScape, go into steam folder, then your name, and something like games (i don’t know, my friend has steam and he did something like that), select the hl2 material gcf (dunno which one), when you are in, go to materials/models/weapons/V_Crowbar. then right click on them and extract.

if you have non-steam, go straight into your Half life 2’s folder, hl2, materials/models/weapons/V_Crowbar. they should be here.

but i saw in the title “Crowbar V and W models?”, so if you want the models you go into models/weapons/ and search for V_ and W_ crowbar. then extract EVERYTHING named Crowbar there (that means MDL, VVD and other extensions).

i may sound complicated but it is 20:17 right now and i am tired. hope it will work, good night!

A little Edit:

If you retexture it, you put it in the same folder as i said, since you edit the same texture. but one friendly suggestion: ALWAYS make backups! so if you make a mistake you can put the original back.

Oh, and you will need VTFEdit to open, import, and export the texture files. you can even open VMTs with it.