Crowd walking casually on the street (SHEF TEST)

Yes, yes I know someone’s bound to say “blooooooom” but I was just experimenting with it, tell me if you like it.

And if you REALLY need to see the original for whatever reason:



Why does the ground texture look horror-horribly low-res?

Also, I still don’t get what this “SHEFing” means.

Probably because I forgot to screenshot quality 100 and mat_picmip -10 :saddowns:

Also this


Could I actually get some criticism?

Like is the SHEF too much or what.

Lol, I can hardly notice the bloom. It looks very natural (in terms of the lighting, more on the rest in a bit), so you probably achieved what you were after.

The walks don’t look all that natural, and hence, casual, though… maybe because it’s a test and you didn’t focus on the poses too much? I may be being a bit harsh, but meh.

Thank you very much for the criticism, I’ll try to find some better maps and focus more on the posing.

What model is that?:munch:

Which one man? The car?

Hey cool insta dumbs are gone

Never mind then

lol, yeah. They seem to have fixed the first one, but not the four that came a few hours before it -.-’. Fucking troll sonofabitch.

The chubby guy who looks like Otacon. :banjo:

Who’s image name happens to be otacoooooooooooooooooo with the expectant N.

yes that is totally otacon|

creds to mariokart64n even though he left

Does he have any finger or face posing?

I know how mariokart64n usually doesn’t add those things…

Yeah he doesn’t, well not sure about finger posing but faceposing and eye posing are a no.


Yeeeeeeeees it iiiiiiiisss

Generic ovrload

There’s no need to spam “Generic.” Besides, how is this really generic?

People walking on a street on trainstation_02 is pretty generic in my opinion, not to be rude


Good posing.