Crowded in a room to kill zombies

Thank CarL Linney give me ideas:)

This is my first edit:)

I only see one zombie…
Otherwise it’s a really good edit.

It’s really good for a first edit actually.

Did the soldier to the bottom left of DJ Skully forget to buy lenses with his gas mask/helmet combo?

Why does the zombie ignore Louis completely? And why is Mr Foster here? He’s supposed to be in the Mod…But 10/10 overall. :slight_smile:

Jpeg quality got incredibly raped. Looks too messy, mess works well with big resolutions not really here. But yeah, for a first edit it looks nice.

VERY good for first edit. I just made my first edit today also.

It’s racist.

That NSWF tag made me hesitate on opening this thread.

I think it’s because there is simply no place for more:)

It made me think about a Shaun of the Dead scene .

This is like most of the zombie survival games I’m in. There are a few poor souls trapped out with the horde, and everyone else is camping the barricade.

Don’t watermark, and try and add some depth to the blood splatter next time.

It’s a fantastic first edit, though. Keep it up.