CROWN RUST, teamspeak, FRESH 3/8, active admins/experienced players OXIDE

For our info on teamspeak and net connect go here: -


We are a group of 25 year old + guys (about 8 of us) who are sick of admin abuse etc, and want to provide a fun / clean rust experience.

We have a teamspeak, website, and oxide fresh server.

Most of us have 250+ hours on Rust, we will be active, and we will ban cheaters/hackers.

If youre looking for a fair, mature & fun atmosphere please join. We will be doing a lot of advertising here the next few days, if you bring a group or more than yourself we will reward you somehow.

Note: THIS IS DAY 1, GROUND ZERO, we have a 8-10 person group of friends and a few others who will join so this WILL NOT be empty but give us a few days to get the 20-30+ mark