Cr's world war 2 poses

I Have posted a few of these in various threads (Want to post picture, WoT WIP thread) and I just thought I might aswell make a thread for them.

This next one was a scenebuild on the map “RnL_Falais”

Many thanks to Beat the zombie for the amazing Tank models!
Enjoy and C&C!

All those Mäuse. (Unless those are E-100s)


This is so epic! I would love to do a collab pose with you later.

Good poses despite the poor jpeg quality!

Wow! Those are great!

Thanks for the feedback guys. Much appreciated!

Yeah sure I wouldn’t mind. Never done a collab pose before though.

Just a slight bump as Im working on a few more pictures.

great composition, angles and posing just work on that motion blur, its a little iffy

Not bad man, quite nice in fact.

I do love the angles and all the editing which makes the picture more ‘moving’

Alrighty, Time for a bump

I have some more coming buts its 3am and I need sleep.
I only just finished one off… until I noticed that I took the screenshot without noticing my Playermodel chilling in the sky in the middle of the picture.

Anyway yeah. enjoy and Good night.

These are great. But IMO You should use other weapons instead of the WaW ones.

That’s a good pack for example.