Crucial things when running a dedicated server

Hello everybody,

Yesterday I abruptly decided to install Gmod again after a prolonged period of absence (last time I played was 2011 I think, when I also seemed to have lost my original FP forums account :P). With a lot of spare time, I thought I would also try to get a dedicated server up on a dedicated server which untill then was doing not much else than running a few personal website things.

I used to host a sandbox server in 2007 for a bit, and had quite an active server untill I had to close it due to me being a very poor 15 year old dude. Part of my reasoning to try to get a server again was however fond times I remember from those days.

My plan with it is to run a relatively vanilla sandbox (or a build gamemode like Spacebuild if that is still around) with some extra stuff like Wiremod and the likes (of which I completly forgot how it works), and to close it down at times for a private session with friends who like Prop Hunt.

Now to get more to the point before everybody starts doing TL:DR on me, I would like to ask about crucial nessecities to keep the server alive.

I currently run Vermilion administration, it seems to be a comprehensive administration panel for the server. I tried ULX but it did not seem to have the tools to refuse Mingebags (is that term still in use?) weapons they so fondly use. However, I don’t seem to be able to have a MOTD now, is there anything to supplement that?
I also have Wire and Sprops.

Is there anything else I can add for both easier managing of the server and valuable assests for building (and no, I don’t mean the 1 million weaponsmods around).

A quick look on these forums gave me the impression there are alot of scriptkiddies around with a tendancy to abuse security holes with their 5 euro ‘haxscripts’. What steps must I take to ensure the server is as safe as possible against ‘hax0rs’? My administration panel gives me a warning that I have client upload enabled, but I do not know what to do with that message. However, having clients uploading things to the server does not sound right… I only followed the guide to set a dedicated server on Linux (Debian) but it did not touch this part at all.

Thanks in advance!

Um for the hacks you can use an addon called “leyac”. Now for the necessary utilites to make a server run is a little knowledge of the server running process. The motd is ran through ulx which you most likely uninstalled.

To disable client upload put this in the server.cfg

Dont put your rcon password in server.cfg, put it in the startup commandline, but if you have sv_allowupload 0 you should be fine.

I suggest ULX or Evolve for administration, they both get the job done well.

You’re looking for sv_allowdownload 0

sv_allowupload ain’t gonna be causing you no problems (there is no point in enabling it if you have sv_allowdownload disabled, so you may as well disable both).

Hello all, thank you for your prompt replies. Still busy toying around a bit, and I atleast ensured now that my server is not a Mingebag deathmatch server. Found out that the admin panel I use also has a MOTD option. It is only basic text only though, but I guess it will suffice for now.

I fixed the security hole with the allowdownload and upload, thanks for the headsup :).

Unfortunally I don’t understand the Rcon password in the commandline, do you mean the command I use when I boot up the server? So the /srcds_run -console -game garrysmod … etc thing?

Yes, you can set convars through the startup command by preceeding them with ‘+’.
+rcon_password “82yht8942hg982n49nfijn02” for example.