"Crucified soldier"


Remake of this :v:

Did it quick though

Reminds of the film called Deathwatch, where one of the crazed british soldiers crucifies German prisoner who turns out to be the evil behind the trench or something.

Looks great though, very nice work

The guy on the front left looks stupid. Is he supposed to have a gas mask or something on?

Is that a No.1 Enfield I see?

Needs more barbed wire.

Oh man I remember that film, it [sp]like ends with an infinite loop where more soldiers find the trench or something[/sp]

Reminds people of Deathwatch? More like this was a widespread story of a Canadian Soldier being crucified on a tree or barn door with bayonets but there was no body found or evidence to say this happend.

Well if it is widespread story it propably stopped right at the shores of internet/Finland because that is first time I hear that.

It’s funny, it reminds me of that : http://sournoishack.com/uploads/427606544ww_somme0013.jpg

ALso for the crucified Canadian, here is a pic :

It’s a gasmask, the TN.H Mk2 :


"The Crucified Canadian

From a British propaganda film titled The Prussian Cur which included scenes of an Allied soldier’s crucifixion"

According to this site http://www.greatwar.nl/weekpictures/crucifiedcanadian.html

Which came about cause of the Crucified Soldier story.

Jesus ! You are still alive !
It seems you have been crucified…again…