Crude Oil in Snow Biome

Hello guys
How rare is Crude Oil in the Snow Biome ?
I used 30 Survey Charge and found nothing.

Very rare. Oil is found in desert.

yeah i used 55 survey charges and found 0 oil. so id say its very rare or almost none at all

Do u even read the Devblog??

I readed it. But i want know how rare is it, because i dont want waste survey charges.

i feal bad for you i have a base on the border between the dessert and tundra and have hq and oil :stuck_out_tongue: guess i just got really lucky map seed

So let’s introduce different commodities in different biomes requiring massive machines, but force players to utilize both to be effective.

…with no means of quickly traveling (on vanilla anyway).

Seems legit.

Because it’s not meant to be convenient?

‘Force users to utilize to be effective’ is a bit an overstatement.

Quarries/oil are meant to be endgame kinda stuff, you can still do everything without them only they allow you to ramp up production. There’s no reason you can’t pump loads of oil in bulk at one time, then transport it back and refine it for your quarry at another place. Either that or trade.

The system was stupid just after pumpjacks were added…You could have a quarry mining HQM/stone in your base, a pumpjack mining oil, and between those infinitely produce fuel/HQM without ever having to leave your base.

Smart base location alleviates this, but unless you have a damn good seed you aren’t going to be able to have everything you possible need within 1 minute walk of your base (Including airfields/radtowns/etc), at least until vehicles are added.

Fine line between ‘convenient’ and ‘utterly impractical’

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That’s I guess my beef. Clearly this paves the ways for vehicles being required, but why introduce it this way before adding vehicles? This is all meaningless on my server as I’m modded and have TP, but I can see the frustration right now for vanilla players.

The map isn’t THAT big though, and it does encourage either trading, teamwork or more consideration to base placement.

If you place your main base where one of the two is located, then the only other thing is how far you need to run for the other. Depending on the seed/where your base is, it might not even be that far.

I play vanilla and it’s not that much of a setback, it just means like I said you can’t just sit in your base, infinitely producing HQM in complete safety. It adds a bit more risk and effort to endgame resource farming, rather than getting a few lucky BPs or outright drops and not having to worry about half the main resources again.

Yes there is a reason. It takes 30 minutes to walk from the desert to the arctic.

30 mins is a bit of an overstatement I think, on the current server I’m on our base is next to the snow biome, but it only takes about 10 minutes if that to walk straight down to the desert.

The point is though, in doing this you need to make your trip count.

If I made a trip down to the desert biome to get oil, I would make sure to get quite a lot of oil, but obviously travelling back up full of oil or fuel is higher risk so it would be better to stash it in a base or travel with a group of people back up.

Previously you could refine small amounts at a time and easily build up a massive stockpile of fuel in your base with no effort or danger. The emphasis now is that you need to be smarter about how much time you are using travelling compared to the amount of oil/fuel you are transporting and how dangerous the trip is, if not then you can just rely on farming fat/cloth for your fuel production.

If you are smart about it, the only additional cost that comes into play compared to before is the time it takes to run to your rigs and back, which in itself is not an enormous amount of time and you can also make that time useful by crafting and such. It is also offset by the fact that everyone has to do this so those who do it and are successful get a big advantage by having a stead production of HQM/stone.

Infact you don’t even need to run to the rig itself, if you refine all of it on site and build a big stockpile of fuel in a desert base you can cut half the roundtrip out by using a sleeping bag to get to it, spend some time waiting for the rigs, and then make the run back up. If you wanted you could farm fuel in batches of thousands and then the only additional cost is the walk home, which is kinda trivial with the amount HQM that would get you.

This game is turning into a Mad Max movie.

I like it.

i spent 150 survey charged yesterday looking for oil. mostly in the desert, but the desert is not a clear line like before. if there is water in the temperate biome, there will be sand near that water, but it doesnt give oil.

After 150 surveycharges, i found 3 oil spots.

in the devblog it said
“Oil is much less common in general.
Oil is much more common in the Arid/desert biome.”
By reading this u should be able to understand that oil is most likely not to be found in the snow. after 5 survercharges u should have thought, “hey, maybe the devblog was right and i should try down in the desert”
Gosh, ppl, stop eating junkfood because your brains are slow!

I dont know what is your problem??
I does only want experiences from other players. Much more common is not very precise.
PS: I used 10 Survey Charge in the Desert but i dont find oil.

Yeah, the dev were not clear about it. By saying its much less common in the artic, i would expect that if you look everywhere, you have a chance to get some but that chance is slim. Now i spent 150 charges, the majority of them in the desert. I always keep a good distance between charge, like 6 to 10 meters. after 150 charge, i got 3 with oil. maybe 30~40 were spend in the middle of map, near snow, and none of them gave oil.