Cruelest thing I've done

The cruelest thing I have done on Rust was…in my eyes hilarious as it was sad.

I was running back to my home after a day hunting. I had just started playing. It was at sunset and I suddenly heard a plane coming. I looked up and it dropped 1 crate about 50 meters away from my house. I ran up the hill to where it fell, and found a lone naked man.

I saw him empty the crate into his backpack. I ran up to him and hit him on the head as hard as I could with my rock. Somehow… He survived and starting running.

I couldn’t give up! I needed what he had! I had to have it! I chased him down the mountain for around 3km. He started running up a step mountain side with dense rocks. I felt that I might loose him at any moment… I had to catch him… My life depended on it!!!

My luck came. He was short of breath and took one wrong step… He slipped of a rock and broke his legs. I watched him for a moment as he lay there with his rock ready to defend…

I took my time carefully climbing down the rock face. We looked at each other for a moment. He was backed into a corner with no where to go. He knew his fate… I knew mine.

With one strong crack… He collapsed in a heap on the group. I emptied his backpack while begging for forgiveness.

I then headed home to safety… Thanking the gods for my fortune.

I guess I’ll make this a ‘post your’ thread

One time, I was in a rad town, and a shirtless guy ran past me. I followed him and found that he was in the middle of stripping a red loot bag- right as he turned around I blasted him.
I have a lot of ammo now.

We need a subforum called “Rust Stories” for all this stuff.

After being a douche, what did you get in your bag hot shot?

oh douche? you must be 7 year old :v:

Was this last night? This exact thing happened to me, but I was the guy who broke my legs.

And you just created a account to ask that?
Man, I’m sure you had a great inventory.

I just started playing last night, so yes. I was just curious if it was the same incident, I don’t even know what the items I grabbed were.

Nope, 36 and a nurse, thank you very much. Does asshole? Moron? Asswipe? Nimrod? make you feel better?

Edit: anazhd, I generally agree with what you post too :frowning:

Keep those nasty words out of here

Yeah, we’re here to talk about a game where we regularly kill one another, not be subject to foul language! Sheesh!

As long you kill your enemies gentle, it’s fine.

Agreed, I won’t say nimrod ever again. I was seriously curious what the OP got in his bag. Don’t know if he’ll see this, he’s too busy posting more threads.

I don’t know what comes in the air drops?

Heh, here’s one for ya. So i was building a 4x4 house and decided to build a tower with windows in the top for sniping and i had a door up the tower and a door to the roof of the house.
While i was out harvesting a typical KoS bandit in leather decided to chase me with his shotgun, and i did the stupidest thing ever, running back to my house. However instead of running into my house i accedently ran into the tower and the guy decided to run right behind me before my door closed in order to kill me inside my house, well i managed to lock him inside a 4 floor tower that only lead to my roof. Well he managed to kill me but his only was out was a c4, to suicide or to risk jumping down. Before he managed to jump down i managed to spawn in my house and get outside to hear him complaining and trying to get me to get him out while trying to shoot me from my 4th floor with a shotgun till eventually he decided to jump, well he broke his legs and was down to less than 10hp and i managed to finish him off with my rock for all my stuff, a shotgun, a leather set, an mp5 with no ammo and some kevlar part bluprints.

TL:DR - I forgot what i was writing about.

Oh and you’ve never killed someone before?

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I really don’t understand why you are so upset about me posting threads? Everyone does it…Have you got a weird fetish with hating on people and being a douche because they share their Rust experiences? Ah you have never had an airdrop? You’re probably too busy finding nice people to troll.

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Way too go! That’s even more bad ass than me!

Certain overemphasis and self-deceit in terms of “surviving”

But story is funny) More funny will be if victim didn’t manage to empty the crate and you’ve left it far behind

LOL. Thank you for your response. Yeah that would have sucked. The crate disappeared though… I guess it was empty then?

I…I…killed a rabbit

I have a story, and what happened actually disturbed me a bit…
We were on our way from raiding some foolish player, who despite his large fortress, still didn’t decide to remove that one wooden door (he he he easy pickings).

On our way back to base we cut through a mountain range, in an attempt to avoid other players.
It was then halfway through the rocky mound we came across a group of young players. I could tell they were young by their voices, they couldn’t be a day older than 12.
They were busy constructing a small fort of 4 by 4 foundations, walls all round but no doors or ceilings yet… it was getting there.
So that’s when decided to add a little more loot to the night’s raid. We rushed them well they were in the building so they would have no place to run.
Before they had any chance of putting doors up we were in, they knew what was about to happen. With no way of overpowering the fully geared Kevlar and m4’s bandits now in their home, they did the only thing they could do… beg for their lives.
for a small amount of time we just stood there, listing to the pleading voices of these kids, begging us to spear their lives… a moment later we opened up on them, quelling the screams.
There was a awkward moment of silence after, it felt a bit too real like we had just murdered some children. I headed back to the base, I’m not sure if any of my clan mates looted the biddies.

After getting back to base I said to my clan “well that’s enough for one night” and feeling a little disturbed i logged off.

I chased a pig, and I had no pants, I chased a chicken, I had no pants, I chased a deer, I had no pants. I now have pants. Thank you animals after hugging your back side for a length of time and swinging my rock down upon your behind, I now have something to cover my junk.

~Disturbing story ya (still more disturbing to see a group of naked guys chasing a deer though)