Crummy Slow Motion

Whenever I do (for example) host_timscale (X)

the animations are all slow mo smooth, but the camera moves in scat like movements instead of being smooth. Whats goin’ on?

You mean the gmod camera?

Having the same problem here.

When the timescale is slowed down, your movement is for some reason very choppy.

It wasn’t like that before.

I tested this out and I also get the same problem. It must’ve been something Garry changed in an update. It seems that the player moves at a certain framerate, and when host_timescale is lowered, he still moves at the same framerate, causing it to look laggy. This didn’t happen before, so it’s most likely something that changed in a Garry’s Mod update.

For anyone having anything similar to the bullet time mod i have, this is a very annoying problem.

I’ll try to figure out a some kind of fix using the console commands. Host_framerate might work. But it would give different results on all computers.

Ok thanks guys.