Crumpet's Satisfactory Build Server

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Crumpet’s Satisfactory Build Server is a relatively new server primarily for building purposes.
It has the basic building mods, as well as some other useful trinkets.

Easy Precision
Precision Alignment
Smart Constraint
Smart Snap
Smart Freezer
Super Parent Multi
Measuring Stick
Wire Mod
Unofficial Wire Mod Extras
Evolve-With plugins

This server is based off very little rules, the rules are implied. The rules we enforce are:

Don’t be an idiot
Don’t be annoying
Help others

The goal in the near future is to get a large enough group to grow to more servers, gamemodes, and hopefully new games.

Server advertisements aren’t allowed I believe.

Oh god I clicked your server group and it takes me to Greedy bastard.

It’s awesome to see more build servers, but I believe the correct subforum for server advertisement is here. Not totally sure though, as I rarely go there.

Needs Multi parent tool. Also what the fuck is up with the :expressionless:

It has Super Parent Multi.

Thanks. I posted it there.

That is how the server is funded. Unless you want to donate a large sum of money, yes, you will have to waste 2 seconds of you life to benefited ANYONE on the server.

Oh well. As you have it opened here, I’d love to see these addons on the server. A lot of people use them and they’re seriously useful.

advanced duplicator 2 -

Fading door tool:
(Not to make doors, but to allow you to temporarily remove a prop so you can get to a prop inside the other prop… uh.)


Multi Parent
(There’s a difference between Super Multi Parent and the one above. The one above allows gate-parenting which is also very useful, as you can unparent stuff and such.

Nocolide All

Wenli’s tools (Axis centre, ballsocket centre etc)

I will be getting all of the above. With the exceptions of
fading door -Already have it, didn’t think I needed to mention it.
Nocolide all -Smart Constraint does the same, but better, with more features.

I hope to see you on there some time.
If there is anything else. Please do ask.

Lovely to see those tools added. Though there is a big difference between Nocollide all and smart constraint. If I remember correctly smart constraint makes what it does, no-collide constraints. Nocollide all makes some sort of fancy box around the contraption that is nocollided. Can’t really remember though, some guy told me about this long ago. So hopefully that’s added too, or else contraptions that used the tool (nearly every big contraption) would most likely bug up.

The IP has changed.
It is now no longer hosted on a potato.

I have added many more useful tools and mods, and switched to ULX.
Some of these mods include.

Rollercoaster Assistant
Starfall-Wire thingy
Advanced Duplicator 2
Nocolide All
All of Wenli’s tools
Fading door tool

And some other shit I forgot.