CrunchGaming: Rust++ Door Sharing/Airdops/Noob Friendly/

Welcome to CrunchGaming 50 Slots Rust Server.
How to Connect: Push F1 to bring up the console then type “net.connect”

We have decided to make a friendly rust server! To keep away those trolls we are using Rust++ which allows you to use features like share your doors with your friends etc. More details in this link.
If we see any form of hacking on the server this is a Perm ban! No warnings. [HACKER FREE]
Admins are not aloud to bother you. Only if there is something wrong, or you want to get teleported. aka your glitched in the map.
For ingame commands hit T and type /help
PVP = On.
Sleepers = On.
Airdrops = True
Crafttime = 0 Seconds
Oxide coming soon!
The server is hosted In the UK by NitrousNetworks. people who stay on the for a while will gain admin over time! So what you waiting for join now and start you adventure.
Push F1 to bring up the console then type "net.connect To join!

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))