Crusader Mk. II [Revolutionary]

I’ll get to why this tank is revolutionary in a minute, but first some pics:

Now what makes this revolutionary? How about 300-450mm of armor on a 39 ton tank, and said tank can climb most slopes shy of 90 degrees, and said tank has fought seven battles with various things and came out unscathed? That revolutionary enough for you? Oh, and a 120mm Cannon with a 20mm Autocannon in a coaxial arrangement to boot. In theory, this is a tank that can take on targets twice its weight class.

Also has a turret-mounted spotlight for shits and giggles, functioning headlights, HUD display, and some other shit I can’t think of at the moment. I colored it for desert maps, but this paint scheme goes well with an “After the End” type setting.

By yours truly.

Also for shits and giggles:

I so owned Karb and you can’t prove otherwise!

Wow. It seems like, from the sound of your presentation, I have come to meet a worthy opponent! Exciting! :smiley:

Design is meh, but what the heck. It’s ACF. For all it’s worth, it seems like a really good tank if it has 300 - 450 mm armor which is god damn hefty, and with such a powerfull co-axial! Good fucking job, mate!

Something tells me it’s a bit stubby. Besides the oversized gun.

Blame the inflexibility of ACF.

The GDC version will have a shorter, stubbier gun.

Its cool

But can it fire while moving? :smug:

Whoa. I can’t even imagine how much of a quantum leap that would be. But… are the wire parts protected? That would definitely be a quantum leap!

It sure would!!

Noone ever thought of making the ACF gun invisible?..