Crushing the resistance one scum at a time (DISCLAIMER; RESISTANCE SCUM SOLD SEPERATELY)

Built on gm_scenebuild_dusk


How did you make the building in the background?

needs more pew pew laser guns in this pic

that can be arranged :q:

This is amazing.

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I adore it.

it is nice


your work never ceases to be amazing

The dude on the right looks badass, especially with the orange glow behind him from the fire.

Looks pretty good.

Why are they looking up?

Where they are patrolling is probably a big warzone (broken buildings, huge holes, etc.), so “resistance scum” would and could be looking at them from a distance or so.

Pretty. Some aliasing issues though.

Thanks, guys.

Ye i wanna know that too, that’s a very nice building, good architectural style, i especially like the arch structure and the corinthian weavings.