Crussaria - Medieval Fantasy Roleplay
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Sorry for the lack of media, i have tried really hard to put it together but i/HGN don’t advertise much these days. I will add more later to try and capture the feel of Crussaria.


To play on our server you need to download the content which is stored on a svn.
**Link to svn repository: **
There are plenty of tutorials on how to use svn. I recommend using TortoiseSVN as client.
Here’s our own tutorial here on how to setup a svn for crussaria here:

There are many features in Crussaria, either as content, the gamemode or the map.

Various things are upcoming to Crussaria such as rideable/ownable horses which you can ride around our large map to quickly travel to places.

Q: What maps will be used?
We use a custom map called Crussaria_World that is developed by me (SilverKnight).

Q: Will you release entities\weapons\content that you have developed?
At the moment most likely not, but in the forward future i may release some stuff. Gmod thrives on other peoples work so it’s always good to give back eventually.

Q: What games is this gamemode influenced by?
I have many inspirations for Crussaria, it started off as a RPG idea, then outgrew that into a roleplay and even a novel that i have been writing. Various influences would be books such as Game of Thrones, The Wheel Of Time and of course various games such as Oblivion or mount and blade.

SilverKnight - Scripting/Mapping/Modelling/Porting/Sound/Music
Dutch - Modelling
Engerius - Mapping
HyperGaming Network Community - Idea’s/Crussaria story Progression etc
Various Games that i have ported models\Materials from (Perhaps too many to note, skyrim, oblivion, m&b etc)
Silverlan - Some Skyrim\Oblivion Models\Thread Design

0/45 players

quality gameplay

It’s a new server, just got put back up today infact. It’s been closed alpha up until now, don’t bash it until you have tried it.

Oh god, HGN.

Never again.

Its runescape in a nutshell.

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with more rp e-drama, judging by it being HGN it will die within a few months like the mystical Fallout Roleplay

Fallout roleplay at HGN is not dead. This isn’t either and it won’t die. To be honest it is nothing like Runescape at all, what made you come to that conclusion?

I played on it, was alot to do with a playerbase of 4 people.

rate dumb because you disagree, dont provide explination.

(look an active community member rated your comment dumb about FORP, i wonder what that tells me)

lol, hgn

What was the playerbase like then? Cause at the moment the head administrators of crussaria seem to have shifted focus away from crafting/magic and the like, and more focus on a central RP struggle focused on a Lord and his bastard son. Hopefully they go on with it.

Yay Crussaria. The only medieval Gmod RP.

All I’m saying is, if you haven’t tried it, you should. I really don’t care for people who haven’t even attempted to try the server before attempting to beat the shit out of it, but if you have played it and wanted to provide feedback then go ahead if it really was that bad :v: So yeah, come try it out when there’s people on, unless you want to go to Olden or something.

Seriously guys? Who cares if it’s HGN. This isn’t the community section, it’s the gamemodes section.

This is advertising our gamemode\server at the same time. Our gamemode is very unique because of it’s features as stated above.

Bros… AfterMath recreates Fallout
-> Crussaria recreates Skyrim
-> People started recreating games so they can publish them to much poorer players
-> Lots of people will start playing GMOD GameModes instead of the Real indie games.
-> this post is funny dumb shit.

The First Templar has some really good models. If your looking to port some new stuff, you should look into it. Also it’s a good game to play.

I tried this once, didn’t really like it…

I wont even bother trying this

Then why’d you post on the thread… people like you seriously make me wonder.

I’ve played this before, it’s good roleplay quality wise and script quality wise but honestly I don’t like roleplaying with swords it can get kind of messy but it’s a good medieval roleplaying server no doubt.

Also maybe the server doesn’t have people in it because of people like werewolf

It looks promising, I can’t believe it’s being bashed so hard. However, I don’t like having to sign up for a whole new forum just to get the SVN link. I’m currently downloading the content to see what the big buzz is about this, hopefully there will be players on when I go to try it out.

Truthfully, this gamemode looks pretty solid and you guys should really stop bashing on it because of where and who it’s hosted by.