Crussaria - Medieval Fantasy Roleplay

jesus christ dude i just wont join becouse i really dont like open aurora “RP” servers that just have some custom models and entities

You forgot one credit. “Kuro”

i hope english isn’t your first language

how would you know what it’s like, you haven’t been in it.

  1. It’s not openaura, it’s worldscript, a variant of Nexus.
  2. Everything is custom, nexus is just the shell base gamemode that’s used, this is not your average custom items\entities gamemode. Alot of work has been put into it. I will try and get some more media\video’s to prove this further.

Along with what Silver said, and even if it was, this is a RP, where your imagination controls most of the game, the “gamemode” just gives you a visual to play by. Of course, sweps are also added too to keep a sense of action. The point is, all you NEED is custom models and entities to create a great new gamemode, and you need good RP’ers of course.

Edit: As for the server, I joined and waited about ten minutes, absolutely no players which was a big let down. I really hope this can pick up soon, it looks pretty interesting; a good break from the usual Halflife RPs I usually go on.

The emphasis of roleplay is on giving your character a story to tell. Through experiences on said character, the story develops. Slowly. Easily accessible weapons hinder this development. While I do not know if weapons in Crussaria are easily accessible, the first two screenshots are with weapons. Tsk…tsk…

-snip- thought it was more accusing than it was

remaking accounts to avoid a ban are we last.exile?

Nice job but copying model is a bit um annoying. [7/10]

so is copying population 2.


true :slight_smile:

EDIT: Forget it.

held breath waiting for amazing werewolf transformation
was quite disappointed


good luck doing a morph transition in source…

I guess you could sort of do something that looks similar by bonemerging a werewolf model while transformation anim in progress, and perhaps fading in the new one something (while fading out the old one) similar to that “new prop spawned” effect, skyrim werewolf style?

HGN already broke down with STALKER RP and there twist is tamed Bloodsuckers and all that shit.
Will probably die like everything else they make.

Not sure where you’ve been, but I’m pretty sure that problem is two years long dead. Playing a friendly/tame bloodsucker is an automatic /charban today because it was retarded. A shame that people still remember idiots from 2-3 years ago over incidents that most of today’s players don’t even know exists. It’s just… incredibly sad that some people have such limited comprehension of the world around them.

As for Crussaria, if Fallout can make a comeback after all the shit it went through, Crussaria will be fine. Seriously. I can’t believe Fallout has actually survived this long. All it took was picking the right admins who actually cared about it. Crussaria’s situation is no different.

Besides, at least Crussaria won’t be filled with screaming little DarkRP children who run around with their guns blazing. Middle Ages RP is the gentleman’s RP.

Remember it’s a new server. 10 minutes seems like a rather miniscule amount of time to be on the server, really. I’d recommend, rather than sitting around doing nothing and getting bored (as anyone would) you post in the HGN shoutbox to say, “Hey guys! Let’s play Crussaria!” or something along those lines.

Otherwise, everyone has the same mentality: Wants to play Crussaria. No one online. Doesn’t log in. Someone else wants to play Crussaria. No one online. Doesn’t log in. Ultimately no one logs in, which is silly. There wouldn’t be so much hype over the server in HGN if no one cared about it.

Potentially tricky, but possibly interesting if it could be figured out.

It’s starting to pickup, and I have to say, with about two or so players it can be really fun. When no ones online, I simply do chores like chop down wood to make money for later. Then about ten people showed up, and we did a few things here and there, got some good RP. I definitely recommend this.