Cry of Fear enemies

Hi, I would greatly appreciate it if someone was able to port the monsters/enemies from Cry of Fear.



jesus christ, those are horrifying

im in support then, who knows what creepy shit we could all make with them

I came, I sawer, I sawran.

Very first enemy is the best one.



Simon would be pretty neat too. Support.


It’s only been eight hours, man. Someone will pick it up eventually.

In fact, someone in the Model Ports and Hacks thread has already posted about obtaining a Slower model. It’ll probably only be a matter of time now until we start seeing some things.

Who the fuck comes up with these :frowning:

i was watching theradbrad and pewdiepie play this it is awsome!
i support this!


ahaha, that name!

How do you pronounce that and where did op get the names for all the enemies except for the bosses?


Odd, I didn’t see this thread when I started.

Anyway, I’ve been porting over the models on my free time.

I guess I’ll just post more updates in this thread and this thread

I’m rigging him for use as a playermodel.

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All I want is Charles. He’s the only thing I need in Gmod.

Someone requested Charles a while back so I ported him.

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They’re heads are creepier than that stupid band slipknots masks!