Cry of Fear in Source 2

Cry of Fear Map “c_start” is the made I decided to start off with in Source 2!
(Third map posted on the forums! Check out the others :smile:)

This game would be perfect with HLA assets due to how dirty HLA is and CoF needed an upgrade at some point.

Its still very much WIP and some things like VIS and so forth need to be worked with but this is what I’ve got so far! I hope you like it. (A lot of screenshots incoming)

Alley Way


Underway Exit


Outside Alleyway

Tunnel 1 (WIP as f*ck from here)

Tunnel 2

Feel free to help out or say some suggestions!
(Like “Tunnel 1” cubemap not having working and Alley Way background buildings do not like vis even if i exclude from vis, though I’ll definitely find a way to fix it by tomorrow anyway lmao)


grrr! the lights aren’t the same!
also what the hell, does the original game cut off this graffiti?


MAN, nice work! I really like CoF, and seeing it in source 2 is really inspiring. About the color of the lights: They are good the way they are, and I know you can’t replicate the same color in S2 because both engines simulate lighting in different ways, but if you wanna get clsoer to the original try making that orange light in the Alley Way a bit more greenish/yellowish. Either way, it looks good the way it is right now.

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Yup it does cut off and quite a lot of the graffiti does in CoF lmao

The style I wanted to go with atleast starting with the project is just realism dark and dirty. But with that suggestion once I’ve cleaned it up and finished as much as possible with the map and happy with that I could test out lighting closer to the original game.

Again, its up to what you really wanna do. I like the different color for the lights, but if you wanna get closer to the original, then yes a greenish color would fit more. But either way, its looking really good! Thanks for that

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No harm in giving it a try once everything is finishing up!

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Brand new update!
Finished off the layout and design of Cry of Fear “c_start”, changed up the lighting and added detail! I hope you like it as its pretty much done now :heart:

Hidden Boi


this guy aint normal…

but dont worry…
now he is though!!!


Hell yeah

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Anybody can tell me the appeal of “Cry of Fear”? I tried watching a gameplay a few times but I always fall asleep.


smh not even playing it yourself, I’d pop into multiplayer with ya to show you how fun it is (though singleplayer is better)

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Dude, make a discord and get some fans of the game together. this could become a thing. I’m telling you.


Fuck yea