Cry of Fear Model Release

So I was working on CoF models last few weeks. and some of them are done.
so much thing to do more but I’m releasing these earlier. hope you like it.
and if you got CoF Model to release, please upload here. I’ll add your works to OP.

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Simon and CoF Props
[tab]Version:[/tab] 1
[tab]Description:[/tab] Simon from CoF. it has bodygroups and some props from CoF

Original Models And Textures : Team Psyskallar
Porting And Rigging : tlsaudrl2548

More colorful hoodies to come!


For those who want more CoF models
visit here:

From CoD to CoF.



Thank you once again Tlsa.

[sp]Only bummer is that there’s no faceposing but nevertheless it’s still a kickass model[/sp]

awesome :smiley:

Those props will be useful, nice work.

Man, its still hard to believe those came from a HL1 mod.

Thank you for this release.

I can now shit diamonds for days.

That is one sexy hammer.

Yes, because ShotgunGuy already didn’t make these and didn’t release them.

  1. Way to be a dick
  2. If he did, then where are said models? I haven’t seen them on facepunch,personally.

ahem ahem

It’s in the “requests” section. Do you seriously expect people to search for RELEASES in the REQUESTS sections? If SGG is unhappy about this, then he can post his own models in the releases section.

Yeah because that was totally posted in a thread that a whole lot of people go to right? Not some request thread off to the side on the third page of some subsection that people only check the first page of right? Where your typical user wouldn’t notice or give a shit about right? lol right? lol amirite?

Lazy. Doesn’t hurt to look now does it? He posted about it in the Models and ports thread btw.

Alright guys enough.


Mind hosting this on MediaFire? I don’t like FileSmelt.

No faceposing or eyeposing, huh. I guess that’ll make my pack of CoF stuff worth the weight.

Well, I never tried to make you feel bad with this.
and I thought you were porting Michael Myers and things
I could have make faceposing and eyeposing but I said I was going to release these on Sunday so I did without making them. laziness contributed too.
if you have faceposing and eyeposing simon you can release it. no one prevent you from doing that
just because I already released this dont mean you cant. I hope you dont feel bad anyways

But seriously let’s think about it. how much people look around request forum?
does anyone expect something to get there?

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i don’t mind

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if he was too lazy to upload his work on RELEASE. then why are you complaining?

Isn’t Simon meant to have short hair?

His hair goes over his right eye sorta.

[sp]It ain’t a problem i was curious[/sp]