Cry of Fear- Sick Simon

I understand that there are people currently working on CoF model packs, but I seem unable to locate a ported model of Sick Simon (The Real Simon In the Wheelchair). He’s one of the few models from the game I really want. If he’s already out there, could somebody post a link, or otherwise perhaps port the model. I’m going to eventually learn about porting from Goldsrc to Source, so this should be one of my first and last requests.

I do believe Sick simon is being worked on at this moment by Shotgunguy, He’s working on a huge pack of CoF stuff.

That’s all i know about it dude…

Ah, thanks for the info. Guess I have to wait then, but I have patience.

I would be so much further, but I’m having trouble getting faceposing to work. Valve’s qc files are an awful mess.

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Also, post requests in the request section next time.

Ah, I’ll make sure to do that next time. Best of luck with your project. Look foward to it.