Cry Of Fear SNPCs

Welcome to my Cry Of Fear SNPCs addon.

VJ Base (Required!):
Cry Of Fear SNPCs:

The pack contains 26 SNPCs and more will be coming soon!
More pictures and information is in the workshop page.

Release Video:

Monster List (Note: More will be coming soon!):

  • Baby
  • Child
  • Citalopram
  • Crawler
  • Crazy Runner
  • Croucher
  • Faceless 2
  • Faster
  • Krypandenej
  • Mace (Boss)
  • Phsycho
  • Saw Crazy
  • Sawer (Boss)
  • Saw Runner (Boss)
  • Sewmo
  • Slower 1
  • Slower 3
  • Slowerno
  • Slower Stuck
  • Stranger
  • Suicider
  • Taller
  • Upper
  • Watro
  • Random Monster
  • Random Monster Spawner

This contains many of the monsters that are in this picture(Picture from Cry Of Fear Wiki):

Now make crazy woman make you suicide

It’s not crazy woman that does that, it’s Drowned.

Oh god the Upper one is going to give me nightmares