CryEngine 3 Cyberpunk Needs Models!

We’re working on a standalone game in CryEngine 3 that desperately needs skilled modelers who want to help create a distinct and stylized world with their models!

The game is set in a dystopian neotokyo that relies heavily on cyberpunk themes.
A lot of what we need are static models like vending machines, benches, pipes, and other detail props, but if you’re capable of animating and rigging we’re in need of weapon and player models.

Being able to provide your models fully textured is important, as right now we don’t have a dedicated artist that can do this for you.

Prior experience in CryEngine 3 isn’t necessary, documentation and plugins/exporters are available at

If you’re interested in helping out or have any questions, please post below, PM me, or add me on Steam.

Sorry if the post is scattered, it’s late and I’ve been mapping all day (We don’t have a mapper either :v:)
Hopefully this is the right section for this sort of thing.

Do you have anything you can show us? Concept art? Existing models? What’s your role?

Hey bro, just stopping by to say that I can model. You’re on my friends list, so I’ll send you a PICTURE OF A LOW-POLY SHOVEL, PICKAXE AND AXE HOLY FUCK AMAZING MODELLING!

Seriously though, I’d love to help you out.

Edit: oh shit, just noticed that I need to provide them fully textured. Welp, there goes my help.

Right now progress on the mod is pretty much minimal, we’re just starting out. I’m the lead programmer/scripter and have about 4 years of programming experience, and prior to starting this project I was developing my own 3D game engine. We have a great writer, and I feel the need to stress the fact that he’s a real writer rather than an ideas guy that came up with a nice storyline.

So really there isn’t anything we can show off right now other than my current progress on a subway map which will be used as a sort of demo for further recruitment. I’m aware how terrible this advertisement looks right off the bat, because I’ve seen plenty of random people stroll into these sorts of sections and say “pls help me make game it is very good we need modelers and mappers plz”, and to be honest theres not much I can say or do to distinguish myself between that kind of person other than telling you I’m a competent programmer and that our writer is very creative and we’re all very dedicated.

I’d love to have something else to show you to convince you guys that this isn’t just another “pls help make game??” advertisement, but I don’t know many modelers/mappers and I’m a bit too busy to model everything myself just to show off our dedication. It really just comes down to you taking a chance and helping us out, as unappealing as it may sound.