Cryengine 3 w/ BeamNG

So has anyone here tried using the Cryengine 3 SDK? I think its pretty good, but I had some crashing with 64 bit. Otherwise, pretty nice.
Doesn’t have any content. Only really good with terrain. But is anyone here experienced in using it? (Tips for making terrain/content or finding content?)
And has anyone heard about about BeamNG? Supposed to be plugged into Cryengine 3 and has some pretty sweet soft-body physics. (Rigs of rods team)


P.S. Its in this area for comparison to Source engine and source SDK

I think this should be fine as long as you keep it to mapping for it.

I played with cryengine 2 sdk. Took me 30 minutes to figure out how to spawn an object because the label was confusing :stuck_out_tongue: Seems like a fun toy, but I can’t model. I remember Legend or someone somehow ported a a building from hammer via google sketchup (wish I knew how)

Yeah, some google searches turned up saying that most people who import assets to CE3 SDK are modeled in 3ds Max- Which I dont have, however I wouldn’t mind learning to use.
Also, texturing is beyond me. I can’t use image editing software for shit.

I recently have been using it to create content for Nexuiz. Since the Cryengine 3 sdk doesn’t come packaged with many pre-made assets like Source sdk does, it can be harder to design levels from scratch with it. In particular, Nexuiz doesn’t have that many modular assets (models and materials that can be used for multiple purposes).

So if you want to create levels from the ground up using CryEngine3, you’ll actually be spending most of your time in external programs like 3dsmax and photoshop.

If CryEngine3 had more modular assets, I’m sure we’d be seeing a much bigger turnout of mods from the mod community.

Still a very fun tool though, and it looks bloody gorgeous.

That was me. What I did was just export them from either hammer (.DXF) or from opening the .vmf in object viewer and exporting as .obj. Imported it into 3ds Max and then exported again to the correct format for CryEngine.

ah coolio will try. (how’d you get the textures working?)

Just exported the textures to .tga and imported and applied them to the model in CryEngine.