Cryengine importers/file formats?

I’ve got a whole heap of Cryengine models that I’m trying to convert to something 3DS Max can use, but I’ve not been able to find anything that can convert some of the file formats. I’ve tried to get the Cryengine 5 sandbox editor working, but it won’t launch and from what I can figure out, it’s not going to work unless I upgrade to Windows 10 (so, never).

I’ve managed to find a tool that can convert .cgf, but I’m still struggling with .cga, .chr, and .cdf (though I’m not so sure that last one actually contains anything useful). Bones and original rigging are unnecessary, so even something that can convert them to .obj would be fine.

The other thing i’m having trouble with is the textures, since Cryengine splits up the textures into multiple .dds files that need combining before they can be used properly. I’ve found a tool that can fix a couple of them, but it doesn’t work for most of them and I kind of need them all.

Anyone experienced with Cryengine know any other tools or workarounds?

I do. What I used for Crysis porting was Noesis, and a specific Crysis plugin I found somewhere.

It should be in the plugins section of the Noesis site, if it’s still up anyway. If it’s not, I’ll fork it over when I come home.

That plugin is specifically for the .cga, .cgr and .cdf files? If so would you be able to send it my way as well, been looking for a way to convert those files as well.

Any idea about the textures, though?

Having the models is all well and good, but they’re not a lot of use without working textures.

Oh yeah well

Oh yeah well

Why don’t I just post the link here for all to use incase the need it?

Checkmate, buster.

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As for textures, I got something for that too.

I should probably clarify that I’m dealing with Cryengine 3. (please don’t spam this link it’s my personal dropbox)

Noesis with cry-engine plugins. (export to fbx)

DDS unsplit.

How does the .dds unsplitter work, exactly?

I’ve tried it with some of my textures, but I keep getting this error:

I’m guessing it’s trying to find a sixth .dds file, but there isn’t one. Most of the textures I’m working with are only split into 5 parts.

I found one with a sixth part, and:

Any ideas?

Well, I figured it out. There was nothing wrong with the tool, just all the other parts for the textures were in another .pak file that I didn’t even have downloaded because it was part of the HD pack. I don’t know how that works.

Regardless, problem solved.

Keep in mind crysis 3’s normals are flat at 192 rather than 128.

I’m not even sure I know what that means.

All the normals I’ve looked at so far look fairly normal to me, and I haven’t done anything to them.

you trying to tackle Armored Warfare? (looking forward to the Challanger-1 if thats the case) Good luck!

I am doing AW ports, but don’t expect any of the British stuff anytime soon if at all.

I’ll be doing a bunch of American vehicles first, and then some of the Russian vehicles. After that, who knows.

Will you be porting the tanks with all the gear on them? Or will we be able to bonemerge?

Gear like stuff in the bustle racks and bags draped over the side will be bodygrouped, as will upgrades like ERA and alternate guns. I won’t have to resort to bonemerging stuff unless I run out of bodygroups which isn’t overly likely.

I’m going to be starting work on porting stuff once my AK pack is done, so don’t expect to see any results soon.

Just curious, but what programs do you use? I plan on porting some stuff from ARMA 2, World of tanks, and avatar the game. I can learn to port the models myself, its just gonna take me a while.