CryEngine Vs Unreal Engine

What do you think of this?

ue4 ftw

crytek has already lost rep, despite the engine being good

how so? i know its impossible to release on cryengine because of reasons that aren’t really clear to me now.

they treat their indie developers like shit, if they even acknowledge them in the first place

I’ve not used either in about a year but from my experience, the Cryengine had the best terrain tools but doing anything other than that was a pain in the arse, terrible documentation and awful scripting environment. The worst thing about it was having to log online with it just to use it, which was fun when their servers were down. Not sure if that’s still the case.

Also i found the physics actually a bit shit on humanoids, an explosion wouldn’t send them flying it would kill them and they’d flop, then you’d have to fake the explosive force by applying an impulse the frame after they’d ragdolled. Plus because it’s a german based company they have some weird rules when it comes to computer games, in regards to ragdolls you’re not allowed to affect a dead body after it’s come to rest. So you blown someone 20 feet in the air, they’d land, throw another grenade or shoot them…nothing. If you had the full $$$$$$$$$ licence you could get to that locked down code but indie licence no chance.

Awful awful shockingly bad asset pipeline. You had to have a plugin for 3DS max 2011 and that was really the only way to import anything other than using that google crappy thing whatever it’s called, sketch bum or something. Half the time the materials wouldn’t come through properly, you’d end up importing the same assest multiple times till it worked.

I found it the most ‘fun’ to use though. Really really good for making massive expansive levels, good tools like a river and road tool.

Unreal or well UDK as I used was a strange one, the new one looks alot better so I’m not sure if any of my experience with it is even valid anymore. Not sure about the C++ only stuff, UnrealScript wasn’t to bad to use, that’s how I learnt programming (the limited knowledge that i have). They seem to be pushing this visual scripting thing alot, kismet was shit in my opinion, it gave this false hope to people that you could make whole games with it, you could, just not anything particularly good or complicated. And it took longer to do than just programming the thing half the time. Ok for prototyping and for artists to try things out without the help of a programmer I suppose.

Was a bit overblown with pointless crap though, you’d spend more time overwriting existing code than writing new stuff if you wanted to do anything other than a first person shooter, i think they did update it so you could start with a blank project but i’d stopped using it by then. Was ok though, the interface looked a bit dated but the documentation was mostly pretty good and was a good engine to learn on, gave you some good assets out of the box so you could learn quite quickly how things are done.

You seem to have missed out Unity 5 though, it’s got global illumination now you know :slight_smile:

Personally out of all of them I’ve found Unity the best to use if you’re someone learning and trying to produce something by yourself or with a small team, easiest asset pipeline out there, no special plugins or file types, just import anything and it works. Unreal and Cryengine lean more towards more advanced people who actually know what they’re doing already.

EDIT: and yes that is a good point, releasing anything on the Cryengine was just a pointless experience. I do remember ‘Cry-Adam’ who was in charge of the forums being a rather massive bellend. They never got back to anyone really from what I could gather and there was no way to release your work without them authoring it or some silly bollox.

What? The Cryengine scripting environment is really good, UE4 is just catching up.

I have experience with CryEngine and I have to say that exporting is as simple as clicking the Export button. You also export materials with one click and they instantly pop up in the Editor. The flow graph editor allows you to code your game to a certain extent with no knowledge of programming. The first thing I made with it was a ball that rolled after you and exploded when it got too close. This was all since 2007.

I might try Unreal Engine 4 and tell you how it goes.

I source the information from allgamesbeta, as for the unity release i haven’t look at it in a while…

mind pulling the appropriate information? for OP.

Thats the reason, i also remember something about them being able to pull the authorization from under you.

Maybe it was just me, didn’t get on to well with the documentation to be honest. Lua as a language seemed ok though.

in regards to exporting, I said ‘importing’ :slight_smile: the cry plugin thing seemed to hate me in 3DS Max, gave me some right jip when importing materials alot. That was my first 3D engine I’d used so to be fair, it was probably just me.

I like this new trend of having cheap monthly subs then taking a cut of profits. Means these super expansive programs can get into the hands of indies for very little up front.

EDIT: the drawback of this new Unity is the price compared to the other two, think it was something like $90 a month.

mind linking me?

Now if autodesk & pixlogic would do that… and kindly refund me while there at it.

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here’s some other page about it, i was wrong $70 a month.

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anyway, i was wondering why does that city look so familer and then it came to me well… unreal did make gears of war.

I think Unreal Engine 4 looks the best. Cryengine already looks a bit dated…

I Say CryEngine 3 looks best… wonder if there going to make a CryEngine 4…
I Havnt seen Unreal Engine 4.