Crying Freeman

Yo again i have posted this videos here before but i just want some more attention than the last time. We are working on the third but it’s going slow i can tell life and stuff is in the way but its comming just hang on :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: anyway watch and enjoy.

Part 1

Part 2 youtube denied it for some audio crap anyway i have it on vimeo so watch it there instead

remove the space after [/media

Audio is gone in the second one?

updated now with a new link :wink:

Too long, it was way too slow paced. Although the infected guy on the building scared the living daylights out of me the first time.

okay i´ll keep that in mind for the next movie. and haha good to hear that it creeped you out a bit ;D

Depending on the video editor your using, maybe you should crank the volume up to full and put in dramatic orchestral pieces there to kind of help scare the viewer even more.

Oh no it’s back!

Hide under bed!

Anyway, I’ll say what I said the last time:
Don’t use well known game musics, especially Half-Life 1 because those create instant flashbacks and nostalgia for me.


And this would create an awesome mod.


The zombie sound and the zombie surprise gets kinda lame towards the end.

Alright yeah our next movie will not include half life 1 music that’s for sure and yeah some of the sounds are a bit lame but its really hard to find good sounds, and making a mod still is hard and takes time which i dont have.

Episode 2 was done better but tried a bit too hard at being scary.

yeah i can admit that we tried a little bit to much at making it scary, yeah but still i am still proud how it turned out, thanks for the comments tho :slight_smile:

watched the entire CF2. Was okay, but I honestly didn’t like the direction. I had no idea what was going on. He was following one dude the entire time, but you never get to know why and what anyone wants. The scares were great, the part with the zombies and the flashlight going on and off was quite tense.