CryInv - flat inventory

This is probably not the best coded addon in the world, but it does work.

Most inventories are either paid, or outdated and ugly.

Supported resolutions: 1280x720, 1600x900, waiting for someone with 19xx to help out and make it working with that

DOES NOT SUPPORT ENTITIES. WEAPONS ONLY. NO SCROLLING, PAGES OR WHATEVER. It fits as many icons as it can, if there are more than it can fit, it doesn’t display them therefore you cannot use dem weapons.
Stores all info including color choice in a txt file.

Click the weapon creates a menu where you either use it (gives it to you) or spawn it at wherever you are looking at.


It only supports custom SWEPs, oddly enough none of the vanilla darkrp weapons.

“SCARNESS’S WEAPON CACHE” changes to whatever name the locaplayer has. It’s not static.

Can be best used as a base I guess or any other stuff you want, or just to learn even though code is not the best.

small edit: you either cry everyone sell addons now instead of release or rate people who release dumb wheres the logic

Knock yourself out.

Nice of you to release it, good job :wink:

This actually looks nice

Why is Breen standing on the wall lol?

How come this addon is being dumbed? I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Just a npc I physgunned while talking on the phone, tried to tuck it inside the window

Why care about ratings? Better to form your own opinion based on the content rather than others’ opinions.

Neat addon. :smile:

Don’t tell us what the addon doesn’t support. Work harder to make those things happen

Nice made addon bu plz that picture is that distracting…

well while it is cool WIP - it’s essentially totally useless. Reasons:

1: It isn’t compatable with all weapons( why wouldn’t you make it compatable with even the hl2 weapons they are no different really )

2: no scroll bar on the inventory, why? if you used DPanelList, there is scroll bar functions built into it?

3: it only supports one resolution, when it’s REALLY easy to just build it for your resolution and then convert all the numbers to division/multiplication for all resolutions.

4: it saves data to text files instead of using von to serialize the data table and store it in mysqlite using PData, which is more efficient.

5: Having a weapon only inventory is pretty useless in general because there already is one( weapon selection), and it’d be easier to just make that save than have all of this for essentially the same thing that’s already in the game except with a derma menu.

6: i haven’t looked( but i’m pretty sure), that the inventory won’t refresh when the contents are changed(dropped/equipped/whatever), could be wrong though i didn’t even look

what’s with the cry prefix? this doesn’t look, behave or have anything to do with cryengine

Anyway, i hope you learned something from scripting this. We all started at the bottom at some point. All in all, nice first release.

and nice avatar, very nice avatar.

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You should be hanged from the highest tree for preaching this database blasphemy, do not store encoded information in SQL databses, learn how to use it properly instead.

been doing it for 6 years haven’t ran into a single problem to this day.

and i know how to do it properly, but considering there is no downsides what so ever to just do player:SetPData(“Inventory”, von.serialize(player.inventory) )

i just do that. :slight_smile:

Its so simple, its beautiful.
Nice job mate! :smile:

It took me awhile to read the post as your avatar gif immediately caught my eye…I’ll give my opinion once I see the post :wink:

Well hey, It’s nice to see more people taking a crack at what most servers beg for.

Well to answer some questions…

I started making an inventory at first for coderhire, I had also work so I was busy most of the time and when I wasn’t I coding and thinking about work. (don’t ask me why)

Because of this I did the whole system wrong, I mean I know how to use SQL and all that crap but my head was just too busy I guess.

After realizing that my approach is wrong and that it will only suppots weapons that have .WorldModel and .PrintName fields ( cough not c++ weapons cough and no entities ) I just decided to release it here since I am too lazy to rework it.

To be honest thinking about it - it shouldn’t be much of a problem to rework it and make it work with entities and any weapons, but when I started this inventory in my mind I was thinking about an inventory without registering entities/weapons. Every inventory has this sort of system and I didn’t quite think it through, since I was focusing on custom weapons.

About it not scrolling well it just fucked my vgui up and since it would scroll, dmodelpanel clips out.
To fix it I setup a scissorrect, sadly the rect fucked up on different resolutions.

tl;dr I can fix it but I probably won’t, if anything I’ll recode it from scratch


1: read up

2: read up

3: read op, I can make it support any reso if you help me count how many icons can fit in without clipping out because I set it up that way ( I’m a retard yes )

4: if anything I’d be using sql.Query, I’m more used to it.

5: people like inventories, there are only 2 free ones besides one - one is broken as fuck other one collides with anything it touches and looks painfully ugly. sure mine is limited but why not?

6: each time you open the inventory it refreshes, trust me

7: because some old lady was crying when I started this

8: well I guess I did learn how to use metatables, so there’s that

I thought it was pretty simple, but let me explain this one

I don’t want to know what it can’t do. I want to know what it can

It’s a free addon, add the support yourself or don’t use it. And if he hadn’t mentioned it you most likely would have posted “Why didn’t you say this didn’t support entities!!!”

What if I wasn’t a good coder?

The accept the fact it doesn’t support a couple of things and use it if you still want to, nobody is forcing you.

Because people who sold inventories on coderhire now have a competition against a free one :slight_smile: