Crypted DarpRP. Severs built for your entertainment.

Crypted DarpRP. The place to be! The company Crypted was founded in the early 2012 by Thomas Edi Olausson, A.k.a Teotown. He and his team created a DarkRP sever like no other. Brand new jobs, new HUD and a map which is hardly used. There is only one problem with this sever and that is the lack of people joning.

What makes this sever stand out from the others you say? Well Crypted offers uniqe jobs and HUD as i mentioned before, Crypted also provide a fast admin servie which includes: Getting help, Hackers and People breking the rules. Here are some photos to show you the sever: Click Here

What are the jobs?
-Blackmarket Dealer
-Secret service
-Heavy weapons dealer
-Gun dealer
-Mob boss
And much more.

Thank you fo reading and i hope you join to see what we can offer. This post will be made better soon. Join now!

  • Balistic (Ninja)

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Im sorry to tell you this ,but no one is going to join just cause there are new jobs( which are jobs that have been copied from other servers. ) and a ‘ok’ hud. Players want content. Try coming up with new ideas like take out all of the jobs and base everything on the citizen. The citizen would have skills that when he does ‘jobs’ increases his/her skill points gaining new item and abilities.

This is for showing off gamemodes, not communites/servers.

I highly doubt its actually a company, why do people keep posting server ads in the gamemodes section?

Some positive feedback, I like the HUD.

Since when is Rapist a profession?

Ever since the rape addon, silly.

But you don’t have to be skilled to rape someone, only willing?

Rapist job.
I’m playing

“Encrypting your gaming experience since 2012.”

You’re… encrypting my gaming experience? What?

idk about your server made for my entertainment but this thread sure was

Sounds like another darkrp server by hundreds of others also the grammar D:

also the punctuation

I want to seriously know why do people want more jobs and HUD. What’s fun about a HUD?

HUD’s are different and make the dumb 12 year olds feel like they’re playing an advanced version of the mod.
The extra jobs show that the server is h4rdc0r3 and d3d1c4t3d, it also makes it so that players can be lots of things, like spiderman, which is necessary.

I just want someone to explain to me where the fuck I can go to apply to be motherfucking spiderman. City hall kicks me out each time.

I just wanna know how the hell a 12 year old managed to make a company.

And of course what encryption do you guys use, PKI, or MDL?

Where’s the owner of the ‘company’ from?

Oh look an advertisement for a server with the same job layout, HUD, and gamemode as 9234902874 others in the wrong section.

Seems legit.

Crypted Corp, subdivision of Imagination Inc.

Balistic you are giving teotown and your server a bad reputation by posting on the wrong boards with bad spelling. In your other threat you even spelt darkrp wrong.