Crysis 1 model porting

Hello. I have Crysis and Warheqad and there is some really good stuff I want to port. Is there any way to import Crysis models into 3ds max?

I mean importers that will let me import .cgf files into 3ds max 9 (or blender).

Any help? Thanks in advance.

Download the program, then install the Crysis plugin. Then you should be able to import them with this program and then export to a file type of your liking, say OBJ or SMD or whatever, then import the exported file into Max

Thanks, it’s very useful tool. Will come in handy.


OK, quick question. Models are kinda blocky, how can I smooth them in 3ds MAX :V

Do you mean smoothing groups or like…turbosmoothing? You don’t want to try and turbosmooth the models since they’d end up looking like lumpy turds.

As far as I know, 98% of the models you extract from Crysis need to be resmoothed because the smoothing groups come out messed up (every face shares the same group). Also, if you’re porting the 3rd person models, then expect them to be low poly. You can’t really port the first person models if you intend on using them for posing and whatnot since they have missing faces for optimization purposes.

But if it’s to make SWEPS or weapon skins, then definitely get the first person models.

I am only using weapons for posing…

I tried to turbosmooth the models, but, maybe because I don’t know how to do that, they’re still blocky.

But models look fine in Noesis preview. So, how to smooth that models in 3ds max?

Maybe I’m badly importing .obj files… But I dunno how to import it with smoothing groups on…

You need to add smoothing groups.

And do NOT use turbosmooth on game models unless you absolutely know what you are doing. Your polycout is going to skyrocket.

I myself prefer to export models to PSK from Neosis then import them using the Actor X Importer script by Gildor.

The Crysis 1 Ceph would be nice to have.