Crysis 2 Ceph Pack

[tab]Description:[/tab] Ceph from Crysis 2. Includes grunt, grunt leader, stalker, stalker leader, stalker guardian, heavy, pinger, tick, gunships, and dropship with pod.


[ul]Finger posing[/ul]
[ul]Bodygrouped damaged parts (chest for grunts, chest and back for heavy, core and shield for pinger)[/ul]
[ul]Bodygrouped weapons for the stalkers (armed and unarmed)[/ul]
[ul]Bodygrouped helmets for the grunts, stalkers, and heavy (on and off)[/ul]
[ul]Separate unarmed versions of the grunts[/ul]


[tab]Credits:[/tab] Fury_161 for helping me extract the models





Never had a doubt. Always delivering with the creatures.

Holy Shit.
You always make quality releases. Top quality ones. And you always release stuff i just need. This is awesome.

holy crap!

Perfect! Great work! Thank you very much!

Oogabooga, you are a god.

Nice work on these.

Finally, I get something for my Crysis 2 Nanosuit to crush that isn’t a Crynet soldier! Well done, mate. :bravo:

Holy shit.

Holy shit.


Now Valve, fix the damn shaders so I can get posing these fuckers!

Did a few modifications to the vmt’s.

The ragdolls are pretty good by the way, the unarmed version of the grunt likes to spaz a bit though.

Would it be a problem to upload this to 4shared or something like that? Whenever I try to download the darn thing it starts for a few seconds and then dies.

So I’m dumb because I couldn’t get the download to work? Wow, this actually made my day. :slight_smile: Anyways I was able to find it on another site so please disregard. Thank you.

That’s pretty kicking rad.
Definitely worth a download.

You are a hero to grumpy big ass monsters everywhere.

VERY NICE! Thanks a ton! Your work is highly appreciated!

Holy. fucking. awesome.

theyu look like the aleins from battle:losangeles

Battle:losangeles copied not only the crysis 2 ceph but also the crysis 1 ones. The blue stuff, big ones.

how? Battle:los angeles came out before crysis 2, and the aliens don’t look anything alike.

Actually they do. Only difference between them and Crysis aliens are their heads which look like R2D2.

I dont see the resemblance besides the fact that they both have 2 feet 2 arms and a head.

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elaborate on what you mean