Crysis 2, CryNetOps?

Possible to convert models from cryengine, or is ripping them the only way?

Quick pic from the editor

Wait for the full release first

Yeah the leaked version is fucking buggy.

Buggy or not it’s got the same exact file structure as the first game; same file formats too.

However, I think Crytek updated the model file formats, therefore the Blender scripts I would normally use in the model porting process don’t support any of the models I extract from Crysis 2. I get an attribution error in the console every time that says “Data object has no attribute: InspectVersionOnly.” I can get sounds and textures easy enough though. I already extracted the sounds of all the guns I like.

But yeah, I would say wait for the official release. Hopefully the modding community will update the Blender scripts so they’ll work with the new file version or whatever…or perhaps a 3DS Max script will be made. We can only hope. :smiley:

Then again, I could try 3D Ripper DX to get some of the weapons, but judging by how (unsurprisingly) buggy this leaked beta is, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Ya i would wait for full release any other detail about tools or SDK.

I doubt Crytek is going to release any kind of tools that will allow users to port their models to other games. The collada CGF scripts for Blender were made by someone in the modding community if I recall. All Crytek released aside from the SDK was the ability to import models in to Cryengine 2 and export 3DS Max scenes to the Cryengine 2 format.

I haven’t tried ripping anything yet. I can hardly run this leak on max settings and I don’t want to rip the weapons when I’ve got the settings turned down, otherwise the model won’t be as detailed. Well, I think that’s the case.