Crysis 2 Marines turned to MARSOC

Can anyone make a better MARSOC skin for ddok1994’s Crysis 2 ops? As in add a light brown MICH helmet, and the same goggles options as in the original C2 marines. And if possible, have a PCU jacket with Marpat pants as a separate skin.
Like so.

The original C2 ops pack has a MARSOC model, but it’s a little dull & boring. If someone does this, I would be very thankful.

Quadbike, this is a great idea. Try posting it here:

I don’t see how that would help. Sure, it raises the chances of it being picked up, but that thread is for new, made from scratch models. Not re-skins.

Actually it might help. Cheers, those models there seem promising!

The guy will most likely make the model from scratch like he has from the rest. . . At-least, if he finishes. He hasn’t posted an update for a lil-bit