Crysis 2 Models

Hey guys! I’m new to Facepunch so forgive me for any errors I make (I’m also not sure if the help forums is where I should’ve made this thread). So, I’m looking for someone who has the models from this thread right here: You might be saying “omgwtfbbq da link for the epic modelz is in the gif pic idiot”. Welp, it turns out gamefront has a ban for peeps from the Philippines so…I can’t download the models. If you got any links to where I can get this stuff from somewhere else, please post it here. PS: If I ever download this, what folder should I put the files in?

Thanks :smiley:

I had this problem too, they banned my country.

Use a Vpn, such as spotflux or hotspotshield to download them. Or just wait for someone to willingly download and reupload them for you.

Looks like I’m the someone.

Is this only the physics update or does this have the original files for the models as well?

Edit (1 hour later): Eh, downloaded it. It’s only the physics update. Thanks for the file anyway.

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Just tried hotspotshield, and… it didn’t work.

Hopefully this is what you were asking for

I just downloaded it. Tested it on Gmod, and it works fine. Thanks dude :slight_smile: