Crysis 2 Operators

Rig - ddok1994

Hack - ddok1994

Reskin - ddok1994

Compile - ddok1994

Download Link: **Link and models Updated! ( 11 July. 2011)
Default texture was replaced with Desert Marpat
Marpat - Velcro patch was removed
Improved phong shader and normal map
Eyes were fixed

                 New Link:

Require: Bodygroup Changer -

Those models will keep updated

Next update -

Strabismus will be fixed

Dynamic shadow will be added

Need support-


Wait, Weren’t these released?
or is this adding MORE stuff?

adding more stuff

are faceposable?

sweet man, i’ll be doing a pose with them soon

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dynamic shadows?


The helmets look a little to big.

its not ddok if the name doesn’t have operator in it

Love these, great work man!

You are awesome ddok, nice work!

Cool. Probably better than Tlsandrul’s ports of them.

Can I use this with faceposer like do the flexs work?

Thank You for finally giving us a tank crewman model.


Nice. Really good models, I like the tons of bodygroups. I think it’s a response to lack of BF3 mod tools… Yes - no BF3 soldiers in GMOD ;(

BUT. To be honest - their faces look like shit.

Nice headgear btw.

I like that Woodland camo. But multicam seems to be kinda low-res.

PS. Crysis 2 camo is not a desert MARPAT. It’s generic fictional camo.

faceposing was fucked up while compiled.

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I’m trying to add dynamic shadows on them, but not yet. Supports always welcome :slight_smile:

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yea, so I’ll fix it.

They look like soldiers from Battle: Los Angeles, good job.

Helmets are ok -

So did you remove the flex file line from QC?

What error do you receive?

tank crew looks fantastic, we’ve never really had those before, great work, these are my favorite modern soldier models.

I disagree, they look a bit to big.