Crysis 2 tera Strickland

After Searching tirelessly i am unable to locate a model of Tara Strickland from crisis 2 both on here and in a general search. I was wondering if it wouldn’t be to much trouble for someone to extract the model from crysis 2, Or if someone would be kind enough to post a link to said model that has already been ripped. Thank you in advance. :smile:

For those who do not know this is Tara strickland

maybe once I get the game installed I can nab her for you.

If there’s something you want from crysis 3 I have that too.

Really? Do You have Claire and Prophet from the ending?

I appreciate that, would you be able to grab all the pouches and bags for the Crysis 3 cell trooper?

I guess I can nab that. So far I have trees, trees, and uh… trees.

Could you grab the vtol with the emplacments the rebel apc , cell triangle drop ammo pods from crysis 3 ?

sure. you guys want the cgfs and the dds files, or something? so you can use programs to convert to a specific file format?

thanks for you help but i dont have any porting skill :frowning:

i preferably want the objects themselves in .obj as for the textures, .dds. tga. png. .jpg any of those formats works fine for me

if I can get rigging, It’ll be in fbx.