Crysis 2 US Soldiers

[tab]Name:[/tab] Crysis 2 US Soldiers Ragdolls
[tab]Description:[/tab] Various Bodygroups, 5 Models. feel free to make npcs or playermodels (valve biped skeletons)
Original Models, Textures: Crytek
Ripping: tlsaudrl2548
Rigging, other model stuffs: tlsaudrl2548
Ripping Textures: minson97
Special Thanks: Bloocobalt


Bodygroup Layout


Right click on model using bodygroup changer
it will make model’s arms dirty

Eyepose, Facepose, 5 Heads

Eyeposable and Faceposable(not actually good)

enjoy :wink:

Rating Wrench or Heart, anything but dumb, will help me. thanks.

Nice work with these, they look great.

oh cool!

These actually look pretty nice. It’ll add to the generally massive pile of “guys in modern combat armor” though.

fuck yeah
Do you mind if I re-skin

I don’t

im going to kill myself to the amount of awesome work


hey tlsaudrl2548 your getting shit DONE!

BlooCobalt: saying that the head is clipping through the armor
tlsaudrl2548: ah
tlsaudrl2548: no problem about this
tlsaudrl2548: I changed position of neck skeleton
BlooCobalt: ah
tlsaudrl2548: so it appears to be wrong like this
tlsaudrl2548: it’s okay in gmod

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it could be problem if you are going to make it into NPC or playermodels.
but I made these for posing things. I have no idea

Right, well I was immediately wondering why the animations were like that. Thanks for clearing that up.

Very cool, man, very cool!

Awesome :smiley:

from my opinion they really deserve to be npcs

not really. you didn’t saw a topic above. head is clipping through the armor

Thank you!

Hot damn those are sexy. They’ll go great with the several dozen other modern US Army soldiers. That said, they are above usual quality for these things.


Nice work there.

Nice work sir.

I just wish you got Chino and those Marines from the beginning for more unique faces. These guys kind of all look the same.