Crysis 2 Weapons

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Crysis 2 Weapons
[tab]Descriptions:[/tab] some weapons from Crysis 2
[tab]Credit:[/tab] Actual Model, Textures: Crytek
Model, Textures Ripper: tlsaudrl2548



They are not sweps, and they have no bodygroups (some have skins) I have a plan for it.

Wow, nice release. You should do some bodygroups with some attachments from Crysis 2.

Yes I have plan.
more weapons with attachments to come.

I really like the design of these weapons. Futuristic, but not too taticool. It’s almost as if a team of graphic and 3d artists made them… wait a sec…

Nice ports, but I think I’ll wait for the bodygrouped versions. I’ve gotten spoiled.

Cool Nice Job

pure win…

let’s do some poses

Wow, they looks so beautiful, nice job! =)

Awesome details.

Good, now I won’t have to pose Dt_mech’s Crysis 2 ports with Crysis 1 weapons.

Holy scheit

Dude I love you

tlsaudrl2548 you are fucking awesome. I :love: you.

Haven’t played Crysis 2 (laptop can’t handle it) but these guns look awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Omg he haven’t played Crysis 2 :suicide:

sweps sweps sweps sweps :v:

Feline! <3

Weapons look so fruity in the future.


Wow Impressive
But is it possible to provide SCAR’s digital skin or its original skin?

I am going to turn these into SWEP’s because I really want them as SWEP’s but I wont upload. Because they will be smg you spawn with basic. If you really do want them then I can upload them but they will not be anything special. Just shoot and reload.

whatever at least better be sweps plus props and not only props