Crysis 3 Models RIP

Ok i ave request can someone rip crysis 3 weapons (including CEPH weapons) and weapons attachments models??? I have the game but i play it on LOW settings and texture quality is poor.

Use this to directly extract the pak archives.

Find the model you want, rename the .skin extension to .cgf, then open it in noesis then export to fbx. It’ll have rigging and high quality textures. (You’ll need to fix a few things though)

but in noesis there is no .cgf files. I tried with that tool and extracted weapons.pak file and the models were in cgf format and 3DS Max says it is Obsolate file or something like that.

Find the models with .skin as the extension, then rename to cgf. then it should open in noesis.

OK weapon models are not in .skin format there are in .cgf format but noesis doesn’t open .cgf files that was what i was talking about.

Oh yeah, I forgot that the plugins didn’t come included with noesis, and since the site that had the plugins went down, I uploaded my entire noesis since I didn’t know where the cry-engine plugins were.

thanks Stiffy360 for the help one more thing: I have all weapons and first i tried with Typhoon and the UV map in Milkshape 3D is dual(same UV map twice). How to delete part of this UV MAP in 3DS MAX???

UV maps are tied to the amount of faces you have on your model. So you most likely either have 2 uv map channels in max, or duplicate faces. Some meshes use the same uv space twice (typically mirrored meshes)

One more question: I copied extracted files on my “Laptop for modeling” and it has XP. In Win 7 DDSunsplit was working but on XP it says DDSUnsplit.exe is not a valid win 32 app. This DDSUnsplit.exe is made for 64 bit systems only??? Is there DDSUnsplit for XP 32 BIT???

Have you got? The typhoon weapon, i would like to convert it to gta5, you can send it to
thank you

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