Crysis bomb effect.

Im looking for an explosion effect that resembles Crytec’s Crysis.
Youtube it up to see what Im talking about, is it possible to make a custom explosion with chunks flying off?

I don’t really think this has to do with lua, but i bet it’s possible. I don’t know about anything like this so i can’t do it.

Well, All I want is a moderate explosion with a lot of fiery chunks (really fiery :D) flying off :stuck_out_tongue:
Source engine will do the rest :stuck_out_tongue:


Other threads get answered in an hour, mine stays for a week :X
Thats epic, guys. T_______T

Crai som moar, Certain things spark peoples interests somethings don’t.

This Clearly Hasn’t

If you mean explosions. Then:

It’s been done.